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Having been in the industry for over 20 years, I love sharing my knowledge with other women as much as possible. My main areas of expertise are Niteflirt, Dommeline, FinMessage and Premium Chat. Links on this page are affiliate, so please let me know if you go ahead and use them as I can give you a few tips and tricks for those sites!


Currently I host the weekly Dommeline Twitter space - where anyone can listen in and dommes are encouraged to contribute to the dicussion! I also help moderate the Dommeline group chat which is a great space to share ideas and get to know fellow dommes. 

I also offer occasional public walkthroughs for Niteflirt and FinMessage on Zoom, to keep up to date with when these may happen please follow my Twitter

Dommeline Dommechat
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Coming soon...

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After finding success on the platform, I now offer bespoke 1 to 1 packages which can cover things from starting up, learning how to use PTV and much more. To set up a package with me please contact me via my contact page. 

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